Participating Brands

Earn 150 points for each product you purchase from these participating brands.
(Max 1500 points per receipt per month. 15 receipts per month. Restrictions apply. See Terms and Conditions.)


Restricted Qualifying Purchase Brands Award limit of one (1) purhcase per month:
Benadryl®, Bengay®, Imodium®, Lactaid®, Motrin®, Pepcid®, Rhinocort®, Sudafed®, Tylenol®, Visine®, Zarbee's®, Zyrtec®

Non-Restricted Qualifying Purchase Brands:
Aveeno®, Band Aid®, Clean & Clear®, Desitin®, Exuviance®, Johnson's®, Listerine®, LubriDerm®, Maui Moisture®, Neosporin®, Neostrata®, Neutrogena®, OGX®, Rogaine®