Get more as a Care Club VIP member

Unlock VIP status to gain access to exclusive rewards.

When you earn 1,000 points over the course of a year*, you’ll be automatically upgraded to Care Club VIP Member status! Keep earning points by uploading receipts and completing activities so you can take advantage of exclusive rewards. And soon, you’ll also have access to special VIP-only activities.

Once you earn VIP status, you’re set for the remainder of that calendar year.** Additionally, you’ll keep your VIP status for the next full year—this is also your requalification period, so you’ll have that full year to earn 1,000 points again so you can keep your VIP Member status. You will have to re-qualify each calendar year that follows the year in which you earned VIP status. If you don’t earn enough points during that requalification period or your account has no activity, you’ll maintain your overall membership but will be downgraded back to non-VIP level.

*A year is equal to any 12-month period in which you have earned 1,000 cumulative points.

**A calendar year is considered to be January 1 to December 31.